Reproductive Medicine

How easily can you quash your desire to have a kid? And how would it be to put an end to that one person who keeps questioning your family plans?

We know how seamlessly hard it is and hence we are so focused to prevent couples going through painful traumas, experiences and promise a healthy pregnancy.

Under the effective guidance of Dr.Kavitha Chandrasekaran, we are evolving everyday with current updates that benefit in the most possible ways to our patients.

No procedure can guarantee 100% success, be it IVF, IUI or ICSI. But with years of experience and expertise, the KCS team excels in this field by helping hundreds of couples have a positive pregnancy that they once felt like a faraway land.

Infertility is now ubiquitous and every member who is a part of KCS works on the sole mission of lowering the infertility rate.

“Pregnancy shouldn’t be journey pursued out of pressure, it must be a pleasant dream that a woman yearns to stay”

Right from lifestyle changes to damaged fallopian tubes and many similar factors in women and low sperm count, low sperm motility in men, there are hundreds of causes that lead to infertility. The causes vary from person to person, for some it may be stress, obesity, excessive smoking and for some it may be factors that they have no control over.

With the help of advanced technology that aids world class treatments, we diagnose the root cause of infertility at ease to provide the right treatment for our patients.

“We deliver happiness and promise you only merriness decades together”